Shiloh Amphitheater

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Downloadable Tracks

  1. 1998 “My All American Evening”
    Our Flag is Flying Still
  2. 2002 “American Journeys”
    Liberty Section

1993-1998 Musical Collection CD

We are happy to present a great collection of original songs, compiled from the live July 4th shows in the Shiloh Amphitheater. Performed by our talented actors and singers, these 13 selections chosen for their strong lyrics and powerful orchestration are sure to please kids and grown-ups alike. Presented in stereo from live digital recordings, this is a quality CD that will be enjoyed by all!

CD Track Listing

  1. Someone Like You
  2. All
  3. Any Moment
  4. Be True To Yourself
  5. Growing Up Too Soon
  6. If I Only Could
  7. Of This House
  8. Destiny
  9. Walk Away
  10. Just A Little Faith
  11. Our Flag Is Flying Still

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